Waterproofing and Concrete Repair

Rubber and Epoxy Flake Broadcast System


Our flake broadcast system available in an Epoxy Base System for indoor applications as well as a penetrating Rubber Base System for exterior applications. This decorative multi lift -high strength concrete resurfacing system is used for environments requiring an attractive, high-performance floor or when the concrete floor needs the protection of a moisture controlling system. 

This Colourful  resinous flooring is available in over 150 solid colours styles in six standard sizes that can blended mixed and matched to personally customize your floor and complement any decor. It can also be applied vertically to produce a seamless floor and cove system or a clean hygienic surface where required.   Jazz it up with different color borders, a decal of choice or have the look of granite or quartz tile without the dirt catching grout lines. Top this with our high build uv resistant topcoat brings out the smooth showroom finish.

Perfect for laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, schools, industrial or commercial applications, pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, garage floors, basement floors, kitchen, showers, restrooms and any living area.. excellent for both exterior or interior applications.

This system is perfect alternative to granite or terrazzo flooring, with much more versatility.  All the beauty with virtually none of the upkeep of other flooring options. 


Worlds #1 Waterproofing System


George and I have the privilege to be working with the World’s #1 Permanent Waterproofing solution.  Installing the only indoor waterproofing system that completely seals basements and more permanently, no matter how wet or deteriorated. This System permanently increases the value of any home with its lifetime warranty.

It is the world's most unique, versatile, and problem solving line of liquid rubber coating systems! Compare our products’ tensile strength with other products in the world. On average this product is over 4 times stronger than other "seemingly similar" waterproofing products coupled with many more unique qualities and abilities others don’t have which make this system superior to any competitors.

These unique qualities enable us to provide a permanent solution for many types of applications such as: Basement Waterproofing System, Problem Radon Elimination, Fibreglass and Concrete Swimming Pool Repair, Basement Flooring,  Metal Grain Bin and Roof Coating, Pond and Fountain Coating and many more applications.

WHAT makes it Worlds #1   ???

The unique properties allow this product to retain negative hydrostatic pressure unlike any other products in the world. Flexible penetration technology,  elongation memory technology and permanent elongation. Its flexible rubber tentacle like fingers penetrate deep into the concrete ...sometimes up to 1 ½ inches deep within the prepared surface. When moisture or vapour pressure presses against them they expand and swell tightly against the concrete capillaries making it impossible to blow off the coating. This  fast setting “ bond  like crazy “ flexible membrane with its highly chemical resistant and excellence wear characteristics is quickly becoming one of the most sought after Waterproof System on the market today.  

Concrete Repairs, Structural Repairs and Self Levelling


If you think your concrete is ready to retire.....think again. Working with top products and solutions to save you time and money.  We use the Stuctural Repair products large city’s use to repair sidewalks, parkaids, Steets, bridges and airport runways. Repair stairs, level sunken padios or a super strong overlay over your padio, driveway or shop floor this product is amazing.

Reinforcing cracks on floors or structural repairs on walls is important to address. For crack repair our product penetrates deeply into the pores of substrates forming a permanent molecular bond. It has extremely strong 4,750 psi tensile strength but still maintains flexibility with 35% elongation allowing the crack to handle extreme pressure without failure. For larger cracks or where structural movement is a concern installing carbon fiber staples create the best and most permanent protection possible. As the concrete attempts to move the load transfers to the carbon fiber staple and is distributed throughout the staple. The strength of the staple stops the movement and reinforces the damaged area.

Proper preparation is the surface is a key component to a successful project. Contact us if you would like your repairs done professionally.

Our Overlays

Fine and stampable concrete overlay . Colored/Stained/Sealed


We have a few types of polymer modified cement type things formulated for resurfacing structurally sound nonmoving concrete floors, walls and exterior hard scapes. The cured product creates an abrasion resistant surface suitable for a pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Our fine overlay is a precise blend of graded sand, cement and polymer which allows for a thin application. It can be smooth trawled or applied using a hopper gun for knockdown finish. Taking this product a step further it is perfect for using with one of many decorative concrete stencils we have available to us.

This product is an ideal system for restoring worn or blemish concrete or for correcting construction errors. Fine Overla  thickness can range from 1/16 inch to a maximum of 3/16 inch. It comes with many standard colour packs that can be used vertically or horizontally with a 21 day comprehensive strength of 5860 PSI. Fine overlay is perfect for correcting concrete deficiencies before applying our stamp-able overlay product.  

Our Stampable overlay is a cement topping formula them for resurfacing structurally sound nonmoving concrete floors and exterior hard scapes. This overlay provides a durable surface for stamping or texturing. The cured product is abrasion resistant and suitable for pedestrian and automobile traffic. It is an ideal system for creating a stamped or textured surface when the existing concrete is in good condition. A single application thickness can range from 1/8 inch to half inch depending on the thickness desired or the depth of the stamp pattern used.

Both of these products come in standard gray and white base.  By adding concrete colourant, various colours of concrete stain and antiquing techniques will provide the unique look of a beautiful” Las Vegas Style” concrete surface.

123 System


Our Resinous  floor system is an awesome option when you have a large area you want to coat with a chemical resistant, seamless “ Clean Floor” look.   this is a solid colour Epoxy, followed by a coloured urethane coating that matches the base epoxy color. This is finished with the second coloured urethane topcoat. Don’t overlook this system! 

The look and and the benefits of the 123 System is The perfect “Low-Cost“ solution to various concrete substrates. 

Epoxy 3D Floors, Countertops and more


 Epoxy floors are quite possibly the hottest indoor flooring system on the market. Our flake and metallic marble stain combines the industrial strength of a Epoxy with specially formulated flakes or pigments. Above and beyond traditional concrete the luster and depth of three dimensional colour produced with this popular epoxy process will amaze everyone that enters your business or home. A  satin urethane can be added to stimulate a natural marble finish. The results are amazing! The beauty and depth of this floor will enhance your business or home like no other. Slip resistance can be added as well as UV blockers, so no need to worry about ugly discoloration. The finish is a high-gloss that can be top coated with satin finish to create an exciting new look of modern elegance.  If you are looking for comments like  “WOW”  on your newly remodelled project our metallic stains or flake is the system for you.

Our countertop Epoxy has all the same unique qualities as well as Heat Resistant-Scratch Resistant- Food Safe- UV Resistant- Water Resistant- Renewable- Easy to Clean- Zero VOC-100% Solids

Custom made Products and Other Services

Other Specialty “Custom Made” Products and Services


Concrete Furnature: Live Edge-  Tables, Benches, Patio Stones and more

Epoxy Table Tops, Counter Tops and River Tables

Outdoor Kitchens, Firepits, Exterior Hardscapes, Concrete Shower Basins and Walls

Professional Tile Installation 

Hardwood Repairs and Resurfacing

3D Decals or Custom Painted Murals Sealed to perfection

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